Guglielmo Poletti

Guglielmo Poletti (1987) is an Italian designer from Milan. After the first studies in his hometown, he then moved to the Netherlands to study at DAE (Design Academy Eindhoven), where he recently graduated from the Contextual Design master department.
His work pursues the definition of a personal language, an artistic identity which aims to trigger reflections on the meaning of form in relation to functionality or to a specific context.
The search for the essence of things is often achieved through an elementary constructivist approach. Within this investigation, the work often originates from a simple gesture or from the manipulation of small details, seeking for unexpected outcomes as the result of a solved complexity.
In order to leave room for surprise, intuition and a hands-on approach are an essential starting point, while the analytical thinking represents a key aspect fundamental to let the project grow and evolve in parallel to the making.
The understanding of materials, their identity and their expressive potential, combined with free experimentation, are all significant elements in order to get to consistent results through a very personal vocabulary.

Pieces by Guglielmo Poletti